Photography by Jack Storey

AV Visualiser - Reeps One

We worked with award winning composer, artist and beatboxer Reeps One to create his vision of an AV Cymatic Visualiser. The project was for a collaboration with Ballantine’s on its first True Music Series in which Europe’s No. 1 Scotch whisky is turned into literal works of art.

The concept was to manufacture a vessel with an interchangeable  membrane, enabling sound to become a physical and visual form through the liquid. Lots of experimentation was needed with different materials and settings, but the results were epic. The main structure was made from 6 steel panels, with an adjustable lid fitted with clasps to adjust the tension. The assembly encloses an array of subwoofers. 

The liquid’s reaction to frequencies and amplitude generates a cha otic and complex pattern, which represents Reeps One’s audio beautifully.

Reeps One’s performance for Ballantine’s Whiskey, featuring the mesmerizing geometric visuals from the visualiser here.