Raskl is a multi-disciplinary design and fabrication practice, specialising in collaboration with artists and architects.
For over 15 years we have been developing a surprising variety of work, from world-touring tech-art installations to small-scale architecture, and other interventions in nature and the built environment.

Over our career, we have developed the skill and understanding of how to balance the priorities of all parties in the collaborative process. We speak the language of artists, architects, engineers, planners and major stakeholders which allows us to deliver arresting results within all the usual constraints; all the while maintaining the true spirit of the project.

Our work is produced in-house by our team of concept designers, engineers, and craftspeople, including all processes such and CNC machining, metalwork, traditional joinery, and even software development and electronics. This allows Raskl to keep a keen eye on the detail and control all aspects of a build without compromise.