Chicken Coop

Here's a luxury minimalist chicken coop made from Valchromat and Iroko.
We are delighted with this piece and very appreciative of the opportunity to work on it!
Valchromat is a really nice panel product with its own inherent water resistant properties and similarly iroko contains a natural oil which makes it very resistant to moisture.

This makes the material combination the perfect choice from a practical perspective, while the two materials provide a very striking appearance, with the black Valchromat providing a perfect contrasting frame to the golden brown Iroko. The design features a walkway with a mesh ventilated section, with a draw bridge entrance at one end and a solid Iroko braced panel door at the other.

The spacious living area has a slide-out removable floor to help with cleaning while the entire ceiling opens with a gas strut.

The living area is also ventilated by an egg-shaped grille design CNC machined into the face. A nesting box is built in to the rear wall of the living area which has its own hinged lid for access to eggs.