Circle of Light with Toy Studio for Canary Wharf Summer Lights Festival 2021

Concieved by ToyStudio, this large-scale installation is inspired by the visible light spectrum. Surrounding Cabot Square fountain and in place for the duration of the Canary Wharf Summer Lights Festival, the Circle of Light casts shadows of the spectrum defined by the angle and intensity of the sun throughout the day. We took the initial concept designs and worked with ToyStudio and a team of structural engineers to produce an installation that was suitable for the public realm.

The frame itself is comprised of 40x40 S275 mild steel section, couloured film adhered to PETG panels and CNC Foamex.

Canary Wharf Arts + Events Photography by Sean Pollock and Nunzio Prenna for Summer Lights 2021, Canary Wharf Arts + Events