Project Protography by Jack Storey @jackestorey

The Culvert Bandstand in Partnership with Ouseburn Trust and Northumbria Architectural Society

In 2017 Northumbria Architecture Society ran a competition, led by student Polly Amery, across the Newcastle and Northumbria architecture schools.

The brief was to design a bandstand for a disused site under a railway arch, on the fringe of the central Ouseburn valley.

The location is close to Ouseburn farm and is a popular pedestrian route from Heaton to Ouseburn, however as it is secluded and attracts a high level of antisocial activity and is infamous as the entrance site for the  ‘Cully’ subterranean raves (since closed and secured by the council)

The competition was partly conceived to explore whether the introduction of a small and accessible piece of architecture would encourage the public to use the site more frequently and with greater respect.

Although the project was initially conceptual, the project developed a head of steam and all involved were keen to explore the possibility of actually delivering the project.

We were approached by the judging panel which included Xsite Architecture, Faulkner Browns and the Ouseburn Trust, to act as design and fabrication consultants to explore whether the winning design could be developed to allow the project to be built within a modest budget, following a fundraising and sponsorship drive by the NAS.

Along with an in-kind contribution from Raskl we developed a simple system which faithfully retained the DNA of the original scheme and with a considerable effort from all involved managed to make the project a reality.