VSSL is a complex of 28 affordable studio spaces on the former Canvas Works site in the heart of Ouseburn Valley. They range from 20 to 48m² and are aimed primarily at the culture and creative sector along with 3 ground floor restaurant/cafe units with shared rooftop terrace. This will be augmented with shared external outdoor work space and green recreational space.

The project compliments Lime Street and the surrounding Ouseburn Valley’s closely interwoven network of industrial/artisan workspaces and cultural venues. 

It has been conceived in response to the lack of availability of workspace to the creative sector: as the Ouseburn in particular becomes more popular, rents are increasing and affordable space is diminishing. This is driving out the artisans who initially provided the area with the rich cultural heritage for which it is now so popular.  

The currently derelict building on the site is to be recycled. Bricks and beams will be incorporated within the new development as part of the landscaping and outdoor areas. 

Working in conjunction with Raskl, using their experience in custom CAD design and large scale CNC manufacture, we have developed a modular converted shipping container construction system. 

If you would like to register interest in one of the studio spaces, send an email to info@raskl.co.uk.