dAt bAr

We have recently completed a full refit of all the banquette seating including tastefull screens and barriers to comply and make people feel and comfortable as possible with the current reality of eating out under Covid 19.
We’re awaiting photos of this recent work however some original details seen here remain.
One of the key elements to dAt bAr is the unique bartop and table tops based around a novel technique.

We used American ash for its characteristic of highly contrasting grain density: The species grows much faster in summer than in winter, resulting in ‘Summer wood’ that is much less dense.

Then we shot-blasted the panels to remove the soft grain, which we replaced by pouring highly contrasting coloured resin, in colours matching the bar’s wider colour scheme.

The Wall Of Death fairground sign is a 100mm thick slab of birch ply which is CNC cut, with digital flatbed UV print to the face.